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Heather the Hut

Welcome to the evolution of Heather's 'Loo with a View'

When planning Heather’s more permanent home in the beautiful and picturesque North York Moors back in July 2021, her conveniences were thought about an awful lot. Heather regularly gets asked about her facilities and she is very pleased now to have had her toilet upgraded (as you will see shortly) to something she can be proud of!

We all need to go to the toilet. When nature calls, we need to go! Having guests stay at Heather the Hut, it is very important to think about human waste responsibly and arriving to where we are today is a fantastic achievement and one Heather is very excited to share and provide to her guests. The complete evolution to become an amazing, composting toilet!

Part 1: The porta-potty, an indoor solution

old porta potty in shower

Heather’s first Water Closet (WC) was actually in her shower! The porta-potty was always a short-term solution for her. It was kept in the shower area but that wasn’t the most ideal solution because guests had to move the porta-potty out of the shower if they wanted to get clean. Heather is now at a point where the evolution of the ‘Loo with a View’ has led us to a more eco-friendly, and sustainable solution, a marvellous composting toilet. 

Part 2: The birth of ’The Loo with a View'

It was decided that the porta-potty would move in November of 2021. After some feedback from one of her very first guests, and a little good timing and bargain hunting, a new floor was laid next to Heather and a concrete foundation to build the brilliant “Loo with a View’. What was sold as a bike shed, was brought to its new home and given a new purpose: to be the place where guests may poo in peace.

This space felt like home for the Loo with a View. The porta-potty was moved outside and given more space and a complete upgrade to the surroundings and visuals you get to experience while depositing your little brown nuggets. This solution was a good one, the biggest issue was the cleaning of the porta-potty. Heather’s host, Jonathan wanted to find a better way for everyone and make it a more enjoyable experience all round. 

This led to a YouTube binge and some Google searching to discover the world of building your own composting toilet and providing a better, cleaner way to make your waste something that can be re-used in the future to feed the plants in Heather’s garden. 

Part 3: The composting toilet

Jonathan working on loo with a view

There was a lot of digging involved in this one. There was a hole dug 6ft deep and 2ft across. This will create a space that will hopefully, 1. take some time to fill and 2. give us a great amount of compost when it has finished breaking down and working its natural magic! Heather’s garden is maintained by her host, Jonathan and what a better way to help create a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution than to have all of Heather’s guests contributing to feeding her plants over the next few years!

For Heather, it is believed that this is the final state of the Loo with a View, now in it’s third form, the evolution of the the toilet has definitely been a journey and there will more from us telling you how we end up using the compost in the future, we’re sure. 

daisy sat on the loo with a view

And finally, did you know?

Certificate showing twinning of loo with a view

Heather’s new and improved composting ‘Loo with a View’ is now twinned with a latrine in Uganda, thanks to Her environmental impact is always at the forefront of her mind and working on reducing her footprint and helping other people enjoy the luxury of going to the toilet in comfort. Heather and her host are both incredibly proud of this project we have had going on for a couple of years now and helping a community that needs it (probably a lot more than we do!) means that someone else somewhere in the world can go and have a poo in peace too!

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