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Heather the Hut

#FindHeatherAHome - Urgent appeal for help from Heather's community

Heather has had notification that she needs to move house. Both Heather and her host, Jonathan, have begun the steps to securing her future and now need your help on two fronts. Finding a new spot for Heather in the Rosedale Abbey area and helping her navigate her way through the rules laid down by the North York Moors National Park Authority.

Their argument was that Heather contravened the sensitivity of the local landscape by being where she was and that, despite encouraging tourism as well as wildlife to the area, was threatened will legal action if she did not move.

It was suggested that a pre-planning application could be applied for to assess the suitability of her former pitch but every indication would be that the application would be denied for the reasons stated above. Although having the permission of the landowner to be where she was and having provided many a guests with a memorable stay or two, she had to go. Their reasoning? To prevent people setting up stand alone shepherd’s huts, yurts and cabins ‘willy nilly’ on National Park land without authorisation.

As such, Heather has been forced a temporary return to her host’s parents’ driveway in the centre of the village, scene of her initial creation a decade ago and transformation into top-rated AirBnB accommodation at the back end of 2020. It is from this familiar base that she will face a full refurbishment whilst she searches for a new place to call ‘home’, not quite so Secluded but still as Splendid and closer to an existing property. Appropriate planning permission will be sought and Heather the Hut looks to welcome guests back to the gorgeous North Yorkshire countryside at the earliest possible opportunity. The same warmth and character, just a different outlook. It is no secret that the North York Moors is Heather’s home and she wouldn’t be seen anywhere else. Heather can bring a wealth of opportunities and these have been seen and experienced first-hand. She has brought over 50 bookings to Rosedale Abbey and has welcomed people from all walks of life to experience the truly serene beauty that is held within our wonderful landscapes

 Heather the Hut has been a great platform in promoting the North York Moors and she is really excited to carry on being the biggest advocate for the area. She enjoys providing a platform that encourages visitors to pay attention to the local landscape and take care of those things that are most important by showing her supporters on her website and social media exactly what to expect while visiting, from pictures, to live videos touring the area. 

Having Heather on your land gives you a great way to diversify your income while also promoting positive eco-tourism and helping share the beauty of the North Yorkshire Moors with those who crave some time out. Heather has and will continue to support locals, always advocating to her guests that they visit Abbey Stores for their essentials, for those who like coffee, it’s graze on the green and not to forget the famous Desperate Dan from The Coach House Inn. 

During her time at her previous home, she invested a lot of time and effort into making the experience the best it possibly could be. She innovated the ‘Loo with a View’ composting toilet that would have lasted at least a decade and landscaping her a relaxing garden space that is welcoming to her human guests, and also the wildlife too! 

She advocated and built towards a space that people could engage with nature in a relaxing and freeing atmosphere. Which is exactly what Rosedale Abbey and The Moors continue to provide and to be able to find someone who would like to host her would be just incredible. 

Heather the Hut has a great reputation and is constantly striving to improve her offering too, in the way of guided walks and afternoon tea she wasn’t just a place to go and stay for the weekend. There are plenty more exciting plans for Heather the Hut but first, we need to work together to find her a home which is why this direct appeal to her community is of the utmost importance. 


As part of this whole journey, there have been some steps that have been overlooked and this time, it is imperative that it is right and it would be great, if someone in the community who knows about planning permission for something like Heather the Hut and applying to the North York Moors National Park. It would be great to speak to someone in the know who could help guide us on the requirements of the local authorities.

So please, if you are an owner of land or know of someone who might be interested in a conversation about possibly providing Heather the Hut with a new home, or you know something about applying for planning permission with the North York Moors National Park, then please, fill out the form below and let us know how it is you can help us. 

If you don’t know of anyone, don’t worry, you can still help us too by sharing this article with your friends and helping us get the word out that we need to #FindHeatherAHome

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