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Heather the Hut

Getting to know Heather: Can I charge my phone?

This article will answer the simple question: Can I charge my phone?

In a bid to continue to get to know Heather, she is going to be covering another question that was received in her Zoom Q&A session held a couple of weeks ago.

The series aims to highlight any questions or queries that potential guests may have about Heather and to share them with you. This will hopefully help you find out all you need to know about Heather in one place. 

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The simple answer is 'No you can't'. And here are the reasons why...

Life is busy. Our lives have been taken over by technology and stepping away from that, seemingly all-consuming, connectivity is something that Heather is very keen on promoting. Given her location (in the middle of the North York Moors) the setting is a perfect place for you to unplug, so to speak, and enjoy some time amongst nature and away from the notifications and news feeds. 

Whilst there is electricity at Heather, supplied by a 12v leisure battery and used to feed the lamp and hot water system for the shower, there are no sockets so no power for anything with a plug.


With this in mind, if you simply must stay in contact during your stay, it is recommended that guests provide their own power pack to charge their devices.

Wi-Fi is non existent but Heather’s location does benefit from the best 4G signal in the whole of Rosedale.

To summarise, a stay at Heather is an escape from the shackles of technology, if only for short while. Which is why, when asked, ‘Can I charge my phone?’ the answer has to be ‘no’, coming from the best possible place.

Set in Splendid Seclusion

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Can I charge my phone? There's more to life than screen time.

Studies have shown that taking time away from technology can do you the world of good. Both mentally and physically.

Visitors to Heather the Hut are encouraged to engage with nature and soak up their surroundings. Read a book to the sound of bird song, look at the forest floor and see what you can find or take a walk up Chimney Bank and admire the breath-taking views. Or, if that sounds a tad too strenuous, stroll into the centre of Rosedale Abbey for a scone and some tea!

Walking positively impacts mood and mental health

Take the time to unwind, spread your wings and explore her locality on foot! Cold, warm, rain or shine, there is no shortage of possibilities in this incredible corner of North Yorkshire.

Heather the Hut supports sustainabiliity and a healthy lifestyle

Heather the Hut was built to be in tune with her environment and with sustainability in mind. From her chosen colour to her composting toilet, to her hot water shower from harvested rainwater. Not to mention the low-impact activities that guests can get up to and the locally sourced produce they can enjoy.

See what Heather's visitors say

The perfect way to switch off and appreciate the beautiful countryside! Johnathan went up and beyond to ensure our stay was exactly the break away we needed! 

Thank you again for your hospitality!

So many walks and breathtaking scenery to enjoy, we wish we had stayed longer! No doubt we will be back very soon!

Chris & Daniel

Newly weds

An ideal location for keeping things simple and bonding. You have nothing else to do but be together and take advantage of the beautiful environments around you. As fans of the world fungus and foraging, we had an abundance of places to visit and make some amazing finds! Plenty of edible mushrooms to harvest and take back to heather to cook up!

Jenny & Dom

Firstly, the views from the hut and the surrounding areas are just absolutely breathtaking. The beautiful stone-built walls around the area are like something out of a movie! The peaceful surroundings with joyful singing from all the birds and wildlife in the area are just truly amazing to sit and listen to! I have lost count of how many different birds I have seen coming and going from the bird feeders.




Heather would love you to come and stay!

Thank-you to those who read her blog and support Heather the Hut. She welcomes guests of all shapes and sizes. Most recently, Chris and Daniel, brought their chihuahua, Teddy, along with them on their mini-moon and they all absolutely loved it.

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Simply visit her booking page to find out everything you need to about your experience with Heather. She has luxury upgrades that you can add to make your stay that bit more special. From birthday surprises to afternoon tea sourced from local suppliers, you are assured of a fabulous time filled with fond memories.

Gift vouchers are available

If you’d like to treat someone special to a stay in Splendid Seclusion, then you can do. Simply head to her shop where you can find a selection of different coupons available, from an afternoon at Heather to a week’s worth of bliss!

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