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North Yorkshire Moors Railway, all you need to know!

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway has grown massively over the last 15 years or so. Going from covering only 6 miles back in 2007, as of 2020, the Fantastic heritage railway service covers an amazing 24 miles! First opened in 1836 to grow in inland trade routes from main seaport town of Whitby the railway has now become a staple visit for 100’s of visitors per year. 

The line was closed between Grosmont and Rillington was closed in 1965 but another line between Grosmont and Pickering was later reopened in 1973 by the North York Moors Historical Railway Trust Ltd. Now hailed as one of the UK’s best heritage railways, Heather is absolutely blessed to have this on our doorstep!

See what Heather's visitors say

The perfect way to switch off and appreciate the beautiful countryside! Johnathan went up and beyond to ensure our stay was exactly the break away we needed! 

Thank you again for your hospitality!

So many walks and breathtaking scenery to enjoy, we wish we had stayed longer! No doubt we will be back very soon!

Chris & Daniel

Newly weds

An ideal location for keeping things simple and bonding. You have nothing else to do but be together and take advantage of the beautiful environments around you. As fans of the world fungus and foraging, we had an abundance of places to visit and make some amazing finds! Plenty of edible mushrooms to harvest and take back to heather to cook up!

Jenny & Dom

Firstly, the views from the hut and the surrounding areas are just absolutely breathtaking. The beautiful stone-built walls around the area are like something out of a movie! The peaceful surroundings with joyful singing from all the birds and wildlife in the area are just truly amazing to sit and listen to! I have lost count of how many different birds I have seen coming and going from the bird feeders.




north yorkshire moors railway logo

Kids go free in 2023 on North Yorkshire Moors Railway!

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway have a fantastic offer running this year and Heather wanted to do her bit for her visitors and supporters to let them know about how amazing it is and provide you all with the information you might need to make an enquiry or even a booking.

They have incredible events from guided tours and photography workshops to light shows and this year (2023), celebrating their 50th anniversary the North Yorkshire Moors Railway have many events running a bit later in the year that we will keep you updated with as the year progresses. 

The biggest thing we have seen added for this year is that KIDS GO FREE FOR 2023!! To support their 2023 season ticket offer, the NYMR have very kindly let our kids travel absolutely free of charge!

All the info you need, right at your finger tips!

Heather loves to support sustainable travel and doing the right things by our environment and travelling by train across the incredibly beautiful North Yorkshire Moors is just one way to do that. Be able to travel all this season for just £45! Below is some info we screenshotted from the North Yorkshire Moors railway website which we would encourage you to go and check out. 

a screenshot of the North Yorkshire Moors railway website

Booking with Heather is simple!

Simply visit her booking page to find out everything you need to about your experience with Heather. She has luxury upgrades that you can add to make your stay that bit more special. From birthday surprises to afternoon tea sourced from local suppliers, you are assured of a fabulous time filled with fond memories. If you’d like to treat someone special to a stay in Splendid Seclusion, then you can do. Simply head to her shop where you can find a selection of different coupons available, from an afternoon at Heather to a week’s worth of bliss!

A world of history, full of experience

The NYMR have a lot going on at the moment. Their ‘Buffet Car‘ is their online shop that is stocked full of goodies that you can treat yourself to, even delivered to your door!

There are some amazing coastline views from Whitby as you pass the home of Count Dracula and into the wilderness of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. 

Heather’s host is happy to answer any questions you may have about the goings on in North Yorkshire and would love to hear of your experiences if you have visited these places. 

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